Style It : The Noble Scarf

This IS our first rodeo! We are so excited to announce the launch of our Fort Worth Rodeo-inspired custom scarf. Mackenzie and I love scarves and try to incorporate them into our wardrobe all the time and felt that this was the perfect time to launch our new design. This scarf has been a labor of love for Mackenzie and me, and we are so excited to share this passion project with you all. The Fort Worth Rodeo has been a long-standing tradition in our hometown, and we look forward to it every year! The chance to cat around town in cowboy boots and a hat is right up our alley. You can just feel the rodeo energy everywhere you go! It is truly a fun experience for all ages.

We have been attending the rodeo ever since we were little girls; and to have a piece in our collection that shows our love for Fort Worth and the rodeo, is the perfect inaugural scarf design. On the 24 x 24 silk scarf, you will find the iconic Will Rogers coliseum where the rodeo was held in the past and western elements like a cowboy hat and the rope detail that weaves its way through the pattern. The design lends itself to rodeo style, but the color pallet is classic and can be worn any season, any time.
To us, there is nothing more timeless than a beautiful scarf; and not to mention, you can wear it a million different ways! Here are some of our favorite ways to style it:


We hope you love the scarf just as much as we do and we want to see all the different ways you wear it. 
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