STYLE IT: The Spring Scarf

How we’re styling our new Scarf! 

We are so excited to share our newest Spring piece with you! This pink and orange garden inspired silk scarf is here just in time for Spring! Style this scarf in a number of ways to dress up any look this season. Here are a few of our favorite ways to style it! 

STYLE 1:  Wrap around and tie in front


For this style you will lay the scarf flat, face down, and fold the scarf in to your desired width. (Usually 1-2 inches) Scrunch it up and then place the middle of the scarf in the front, wrap it around once, and then tie it in a knot in the front. 


STYLE 2: Tie in the back

For this look it is simple. Repeat the first steps from the look above, but instead of wrapping the scarf back around to the front, tie in a simple knot in the back and let the cute ties hang down! 


STYLE 3: On your favorite bag

The third way that we love to wear this fun spring scarf is tied in a knot on a cute bag! 


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