With the three of us living different cities, production in New York, and all constantly on the go, it’s obvious there is a lot of traveling going on. Today we thought we’d share a few of our current travel necessities.

We get a lot of questions about which tops are best for traveling, and while they are all suitcase friendly and great for all seasons, the Kat in deep black is an absolute no brainer. Made of memory silk, you can just smooth the wrinkles right out, and if you spill something, you can wipe it right off. It’s also super lightweight and can be dressed up or down, so you’re ready for anything as soon as your get off the plane. What more can you want?! 

You’ll also typically see us with our favorite Goyard tote, Away suitcase (literally fits everything!), and if you’re Mackenzie, her trusty companion Bunny Melon.

We have a lot of travels planned this summer, so follow along on Instagram, and be sure to share where you’re taking your Noble 31!