Newborn Must Haves from a Second Time Noble Mama

Madi, Mackenzie, and I are in baby land. Seems like all of our friends and family are having kids left and right, and we totally love it. We're even working on our next round of Noble Baby to outfit all the new additions! Madi and I are both moms and get asked a lot about newborn must haves, so after just going through it for the second time, I thought I would share some of my essentials. 

Disclaimer: you like what you have because you don't know any different. So much of it is personal opinion, so of course, do what works best for you! That said, these five things have remained my absolute favorites both times. 

Dock-a-tot - My babies lived in this those first couple months when they were so sleepy all the time. They also slept in it when they transitioned from bassinet to crib and swaddle to sleep sack.

Baby Bjorn Bouncer - When they started to be awake a little more in the day, this bouncer was their favorite. Also super easy to pack up and throw in the car for traveling. 

Paci (Bibs or Wubbanub) - I'm a big fan of the paci and so are the girls. These are the two kinds that have worked the best for us. 

Ollie Swaddle - Can't say enough good things about this swaddle. Started using it from the moment they were born in the hospital. 

Piano play mat - The best toy. Keeps them very entertained and works for many different stages. My two-year-old still likes to play on the piano!

A couple other honorable mentions: this nursing pillow, I use this baby carrier, this mat for playing outside, and this sleep sack.

Thinking about all the new moms and healthcare workers during this crazy time. Know that we are committed to praying for the health and safety for all of you.