New Giving Partnership

We are so excited to FINALLY announce that we have a new partnership with Rivertree Academy! At the heart of Noble 31 is generous giving and we could not be more giddy to support the mission of Rivertree and the children within it. Rivertree Academy is a private Christian school in Fort Worth, Texas providing community-funded education for under-resourced students in the Lake Como neighborhood. Ending the cycle of poverty by educating students to learn well, love well, work well, and lead well. We believe it is important for every child to have equal opportunities and unlimited dreams, so we decided to write a fashion curriculum for the students at Rivertree Academy to encourage a next generation of fashion designers, entrepreneurs, and difference makers. We cannot wait to see what the students will create, design, and produce from their project-based learning opportunities. This is such an exciting chapter for us as a brand, and we truly couldn't be happier to partner with such an amazing school!

You can read more about Rivertree Academy and their mission at