Letter to the Collection & Customers

Hello Beautiful!

We are so glad you are finally here. You are bold, beautiful, and dynamic. I can't wait for everyone to meet you. I know they are going to love you. You came to life while I was in west Texas last winter. Sitting in my happy place beneath the golden rimrock at sunset the terrain came to life. I knew it needed to be something amazing women could wear from day to day life to fabulous parties and everywhere in between. From glowing sunsets, sparkly night skies, and deep greens the collection covers it all. I know you are headed to some pretty fabulous owners and I can't wait to see where all you go.

To our fabulous customers-

I am so inspired by the power, confidence and beauty you evoke. I'm in awe of how you have styled and rocked the last 6 seasons of Noble pieces. This collection was created to seamlessly take you through your life - no costume change necessary. I hope you make these styles your own and feel the boldness behind each one.


Mackenzie Shoppa Moore