One of our favorite tops to style is the Rae. It has such a fun pattern and texture with a thread of metallic through the cheetah design! Our favorite part of the Rae is the ability to tie the tie in the front or the back. When tying the fabric in the back, you get a super sleek look with a high neck and a long bow down the back. For a splashier look, we tie it in the front in a large bow. Since the top speaks for itself, styling it could not be easier. We selected our top three favorite looks with the Rae below.

Our first look is a casual one with light wash jeans and slides. This is a look perfect for a quick lunch or dinner date! The material of the Rae is fairly structured, so we love the look it creates by front-tucking it into jeans. 

Our second look is the Rae with a pair of silk shorts. It's perfect for the fall days that are a bit on the warm side. This look can be kept casual chic with a pair of sneakers or a bit more elevated with a small heel! The slight flare of the short pairs perfectly with the bow around the neck.

Our final look is, of course, a leather pant with the Rae. This duo creates such an elevated look with a heel! It's sure to be a hit at a party or a Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe we're biased, but we sure do think this top was made for a Thanksgiving gathering (and the Christmas card pictures that are sure to come over the holiday!)


There are endless ways to style the Rae & we can't wait to see how you decide to do it!