SS20 Coming Soon!


We are so excited to be releasing Spring Summer 2020 out into the world. It was such a joy to create. Each season the collection is inspired by a place that is very significant to us, and this one was all about the California coast. This line was specifically inspired by the coastline between San Francisco and Santa Barbara. If you haven’t made the drive it’s a must! The lush flora and fauna is amazing. The colors, textures, and symmetry, or lack thereof, became the base for this bold collection. We really took our time sourcing and searching for some of the best quality fabrics from around the world. 

When starting a new collection I always look through books and magazines. Then I start compiling on Pinterest. Here are a few pics from my mood boards. You can see the whole thing on Noble 31’s Pinterest page. Nature is the best source of inspo and direction. The colors of the salty fish, the textures of the sea grass, and the lines of the tiles all pointed me towards either fabrics or specific pieces. I had the octopus in mind when I found the amazing white eyelet fabric. The yummy pink and blue puff fabrics just some up the whole thing. 

The color palette was easy as it was exactly what we saw at sunset on the coast. The warmth of the sky with the blue water, the pinks and oranges, whites and baby blues of the crashing waves. Our fabrics, as always, are full of texture and come from all over the world: California, Spain, Italy, and Japan. The shirts are just as bold as the women that will wear them and as strong as the women they support. When you look at the collection you can almost smell the ocean air and feel the breeze.

Hope you enjoy it and please tag us in your pics! We love seeing the way you style it! #noblebabe 

xx Mackenzie