On Our Nightstand, Fall 2019

We've always enjoyed hearing what people keep on their bedside tables. It's a unique glimpse into what people always like to have close by and it tends to vary season by season. Here's what you will find on our nightstands this season...

Mackenzie: I always have my Joanna Czech face roller with in arms reach. I also always keep lavender and eucalyptus oil on my bedside table and my current read Love Where You Live by Shauna Pilgren

Madi: I love reading before bed but I'm currently listening to the American Royals audio book by Katherine McGee. I also have my jade roller, my fave Olieo e Osso No.1 lip balm, and a baby monitor of course :)

Staley: If you combine Madi and Mackenzie’s bedside tables, you would have mine. Diffuser, Joanna Czech roller, a baby monitor, and a journal. (But my favorite is next to my bedside table... a newborn baby in a bassinet with our dog Stella sleeping right below.)