Lent for Noble 31

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the day that begins the season of Lent that lasts about 6 weeks before we celebrate Easter. Lent is a time to remember what Jesus went through as he was alone in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights being tempted by the devil. Every possible temptation you can imagine, Satan offered to Jesus. Through all of that, Jesus remained perfect and pure, never giving in to any of the worldly temptations put in front of him. This is our time to reflect on this moment in Jesus life and how he fully relied on God to carry him through. Whether it is giving something up or taking on something, it is a time for reflection and reliance on God to carry us through the desert.

This Lent, here are a few things we’re doing so that we too, can focus more on what’s important and the truth that God offers us. Let us know in the comments if you are taking part in lent. We would love to know what you add in or are giving up! 

Staley: I’m focusing on taking on something rather than giving something up. I’m a nursing mama, and I recently left the freezer open and lost my many weeks worth of milk I had saved. If you’re a mom, you can relate to my devastation and disappointment, but honestly, I have to look at this as a blessing. I am now waking up early every morning to pump before everyone wakes up, so I have been using that time for a quiet time, reading my bible and doing a daily devotional. I guess that’s what God needed to do to get my attention and get me to spend time with Him every morning. For lent, I’m committing to continue spending each morning in the word and starting each day by focusing on what is most important.

Mackenzie: I also am giving up my mornings to spend extra time before the day gets crazy. I am going to get outside and either walk to my neighborhood park or sit outside, read my daily passage and pray over my city. Shauna Pilgreen, author of Love Where You Live inspired me to do this, and it has already been so amazing! 

Madi: This lent season I am giving up getting on instagram when I get into bed. I have gotten so used to getting in bed and just scrolling mindlessly through my instagram and other apps until I get tired. It has become a bad habit, and my sleep is suffering from it. My goal is to give my brain a rest so I can get a good night sleep and be able to wake up ready to go in the mornings. One thing I am taking on is a prayer journal. I have never been one to write down my prayers but writing down prayers and prayer requests from friends and family is something I want to start doing and carry on after lent. I want to be more intentional with my prayers and think it will be a good way to reflect on past prayer requests and see where God is working on my life.

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