If you come to our showroom or any of our homes, you’ll usually find some fresh flowers. It’s the easiest way to brighten things up and bring in a little light no matter if it’s pouring rain or if the rest of the house is a total disaster. Fresh florals are always key!

Typically our go-to flowers are hydrangeas. They always make a big splash and they can last a long time if you take care of them. Here are a couple tips:  

  • When you’re putting them in a vase, trim the ends in a cross shape to better soak up the water. 
  • If they start to look a little sad, spritz with water and pop them in the fridge for a little pick me up. 
  • Use the plant food and change water often.

It’s also fun to mix in billy balls, Ranunculus, fringed tulips and other seasonal flowers to switch things up a bit. In spring and summer we loooove peonies, and in winter, cumquats. Another favorite are palm leaves which are very low maintenance and have a long life span, but they add great color and texture to any room. 

What are some of your flowers picks and tricks?! We’d love to know!!